12 Year Old Who Died During Football Practice Had a Heart Defect


Rashad Wallace died during football practice on August 2, 2008. An autopsy revealed that Rashad died as a result of cardiac arrhythmia. It does not appear that Rashad died because of heat, dehydration, or the rigors of the football practice. See Twelve Year Old Who Died at Football Practice Autopsy Completed. Typically, children undergo a physical before playing in an organized football program. I am uncertain if a basic physical would have detected the abnormal heart beat. In many cases, cardiomyopathy is treated with medication and periodic examinations and testing. Rashad suffered from cardiomyopathy which contributed to the deterioration of the heart muscle. The American Heart Association has a good web site that describes different forms of cardiomyopathy and treatments for each type.

The autopsy of Rashad Wallace proved to be very helpful to explaining the cause of death and whether the football practice and conditioning were related to his death.