11 Year Old Girl Crashes ATV into Church – Dangers of Children Operating ATVs


ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are popular both for recreation and fun. However, pediatricians and other medical specialists say that young children do not have the strength, coordination or judgment necessary to safely operate powerful ATVs. Many ATVs have gotten bigger, faster and stronger over the past decade. Simply stated, many of the larger and stronger ATVs are not safe for children.

For example, an 11-year-old girl was driving an ATV and crashed it into a water pipe at a local church in Brandon, Florida. According to Deputies, Donald Leet, 27, allowed the child to drive the ATV because he had a glass of wine with dinner, and his driver’s license was suspended. When the deputies responded to the emergency call at First Baptist Church of Brandon, water was shooting 50-feet into the air. Officials said that the girl and her seven-year-old sister were upset, but nobody was injured as a result of the ATV accident. The child said that Leet was teaching her how to drive, said deputies.

ATV accidents are responsible for thousands of fatalities and serious injuries to adults and children each year in Jacksonville and throughout the United States. The risk for injury is high due to riding conditions and rider’s exposure. In addition, ATV rollovers are another cause or factor in ATV accidents that make them so dangerous. Parents and children can reduce the risk of ATV accidents by understanding the common causes and risks associated with ATVs.

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