11 Year Old Girl Abducted and Raped in Orlando – Investigation and Search for Suspects


An 11 year old girl was abducted by two men and raped in Orange County, Orlando, Florida. The girl stepped off a City Lynx bus on her way to school and then was abducted by force by the two men. The incident happened early in the morning (6:40 a.m.) and Orange County Sheriff’s Office detectives are conducting an investigation to locate the rapists. The men threatened the 11 year old with a knife as she walked along Lancaster and forced her into a vehicle. The men then covered her face so she could not see where she was being taken. After raping this innocent child, the men took her back to the location where she was abducted.

Detectives are working off of limited information at this time. There is a sketch that has been created by the police which is posted online. To read more about this story, go to the Orlando Sentinel – 11 Year Old Raped in Orlando, Florida – Investigation Continues. Hopefully, information will be obtained that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the rapists and some kind of justice for the rape victim and her family.