11 Year Old Dead After Playing with Gun in Lake Worth (Palm Beach Count) Florida


Jason Gilmore, age 11, was the victim of an accidental shooting in Lake Worth, Florida. Jason and some friends were playing with a Glock 40 handgun that discharged. Another boy, age 9, was holding the gun when it fired. There were give other children and an 18 year old present when the incident took place in a home. The Glock 40 was actually a stolen weapon. The children apparently found the laser on the gun to be interesting and fun to play with.

The Glock 40 was obviously no toy at all. In the hands of anybody especially children, the Glock 40 is a deadly weapon.

Parental supervision along with the proper storage and locking of the gun may have prevented this tragedy from happening. The death of a child from an accidental shooting is a great loss for the family, child’s school, neighborhood, and community. You can read more about this story at 11 Year Old Accidentally Shot by 9 Year Old in Lake Worth, Florida.