11 Year Old Boy Pushed into Street and Hit by Car – Teen Girls Arrested in Palm Springs, Florida


In Palm Springs (Palm Beach County) Florida, two teens (Yoanelis Candelaria-Perez) and other girls were charged with felony battery and cruelty towards a child. The story reported in the Orlando Sentinel and other news outlets involved two groups of girls who had a dispute. There was a chase of some kind that ended with an 11 year old boy allegedly being pushed into the street. The Defendants will argue that it was merely an accident and there was no intent or malice involved with the boy who was apparently an innocent bystander. The teen girls will be entitled to legal representation through a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney or the services of the Public Defender’s Office. It was reported that the 11 year old boy suffered personal injuries including fractured ribs, abrasions to her legs and left arm, a collapsed lung, and a wound to his back. See Police: Teen Girls Pushed Palm Springs Boy, 11, into Path of Car.

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