11 Year Old Boy Collapses at Football Practice at Normandy Sports Complex (Jacksonville, Florida) – Cause of Death Unknown

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An 11 year old boy recently collapsed while at football practice at the Normandy Boulevard Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida. The boy was taken by ambulance to Wolfson's Children's Hospital. An autopsy was performed by the Duval County Medical Examiner but no reports or information has been released from the medical examiner's office. Heat exhaustion is one of the possible causes of death being considered. The warning signs for heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, weakness, rapid pulse, nausea, and headaches. The death of a child is tragic. There are not enough facts present at this time to determine if the death was due to anyone's negligence or if the death was just an unfortunate / unavoidable incident. Of course, the family and community are searching for answers in this time of mourning and grief. You can read more about this story at No Cause Given for Death of Jacksonville, Florida Pop Warner 11 Year Old Football Player.

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